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Education & Training
Teaching Programmes :
Clinical Chemistry & cancer biology - M.Ch (Surgical Oncology) student, MNJIO&RCC.
Cancer biology&diagnostics-Postgraduates of life sciences, Hyderabad Central University.
Training Activities :
Three M.Sc (Biotechnology) students are under training in clinical biochemistry.
A group of M.Sc (Biochemistry) students worked for a project on "Diagnostic and molecular aspects of hematological malignancies".
M.Sc (Biotechnology) student working on a project "Biochemical & toxicological studies in breast cancers" in collaboration with Institute of Genetics.
Classes on tumor markers for M.Sc (Life Sciences), Central University, Hyderabad.
Participation in the Clinical Meetings and P.G Seminars held in the Institute.
Projects / Research work :
Evaluation of biomarkers for prediction and diagnosis of breast cancers.
Collaboration work with Silico Insights Biosciences, India.
Glutathione S Transferases as diagnostic and Progustic markers in breast cancers - Hyderabad Central University, Life Sciences, Hyderabad.
Under preparation :
Glutathione Transferases as diagnostic and prognostic markers in cancer breast.
Molecular markers in hematological malignancies, their implications in the targeted therapy.
Papers presented :
Evidence for the association of synaptogamin with glutathione with glutathione S-transferases: Implications for a novel function in human breast cancer-Clinical Biochemistry 38(2005)436-443
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