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Tobacco Cessation Clinic
Cancer is the major public health problem in India and in Andhra Pradesh as well and 50% of cancers are Tobacco affected Cancers and are preventable. Regional Cancer Centres are the main stay of cancer treatment and prevention and undertake a large number of community based programmes.

The World Health Organization and Government of India have established a model for Tobacco Cessation Clinics and the RCC will establish such a clinic for providing tobacco control and tobacco cessation in the regions.

Tobacco Cessation Center is started in December, 2004 under Department of Preventive Oncology at MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Center , Red Hills, Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh.
Center Activities
Behavior Counseling : Know about type of Tobacco use and its dependency rate, Health of the client and their family & co- morbidity and provide counseling with tips for quitting. This is done by the trained Medical Social Worker and Clinical Psychologist . Nicotine Replacement Therapy , Nicotine gums or patches and Medication is prescribed by the Medical Officer. Health check up for the clients who come for Tobacco cessation.
» Screening / early detection of cancer : It is done to both tobacco users and non-tobacco users. It is done in clinic and Community.
Yoga / Meditation is given by NGO for helping the individuals, who come for tobacco cessation and cancer patients
» Awareness camps, Exhibition, rallies and competitions in community and Institutions.
» Trainings to the Health providers, students of educational Institutions,
» NGOs, members of Rotary clubs, Lions clubs and philanthropists.
» Days and Timing of the Clinic: Monday to Saturday - 10A.M - 3 P.M.
Name of the Staffs working at present :


Prof. N. Jayalatha MD, Director.
2. Dr. C. Sai Ram , Asst Prof. & Medical Officer.
3. Dr. Surabhi Somani, Tobacco Cessation Consultant
4. Ms G. Sandhya Padma MSW , In charge / Medical Social Worker.
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