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Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine is a branch of medicine which uses radioactive tracers (radiopharmaceuticals) to provide information about a person's anatomy and the functioning of specific organs at any age.

Nuclear Medicine is an integral part of patient care, offering safe, painless, and cost-effective techniques to image the body and provides diagnosis, management, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Our department is the oldest in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We are equipped with SPECT for various uptake studies and scans like Whole Body Bone Scan, Thyroid Scan, Renograms, pad nuclear imaging, venograms and sulphur collats are being done.

We are Equiped with dual head latest gammacamera
1. Dual Head Gamma Camera
Name : Dr. K. Jyosthna MD
Designation : Asst. Professor
E- Mail : nuclearmedicine@ap.nic.in
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